Let's hear what our gamers have to say.

  • Davis Kreiky

    Night City is right where you are! Play anytime & anywhere YOU want. Thanks to Abxylute!

  • MrP Da Demon

    Got mine today and I am very happy

  • bassderek

    The eagle has landed!

  • bassderek

    Kitty approved

  • Hao

    Got it here in Australia

  • Happy#1357

    Home sweet home

  • JH Sounds

    The dream is now real

  • JH Sounds

    Thanks to KeyLinker, I can play The Last Guardian with "jump" remapped to where I expect it to be

  • derekthemediocre

  • Davis Kreiky

    Welcome to Germany ABXYLUTE!

  • GameR

    My son getting his one today

  • Webandme

    INCREDIBLE QUALITY, I really wasn't expecting that. The screen is magnificent, colors are good, brightness is excellent. And above all, I hadn't realized it from the official photos & reviews. What scared me was the size of the grips, but comfort is excellent!

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