One-Stop Seamless Gaming

Stream from the cloud, or remote play your PC/ XBOX/ Playstation with abxylute.

Enjoy stunning graphics, massive titles, and an effortless experience all at your fingertips.

  • Cloud Gaming

    No high-end hardware needed. Instantly load and play massive titles at up to 60FPS without the hassle of downloads or updates.

  • Remote Play

    Transform your existing game libraries and consoles into a portable gaming experience, with our lightweight, dedicated handheld for up to 8 hours battery.


Gaming made easy

  • Game with stable 60 FPS - run the most demanding titles smoothly
  • Game on the finest screen - 7" LTPS screen, 1080P stunning graphics
Seamless experience

  • Hall effect joystick

    Enjoy a more precise, sensitive, durable, and reliable gaming experience!

  • Hall effect trigger

    Our Hall effect trigger uses advanced technology to provide you with smooth and responsive game control, while also having a longer lifespan and higher reliability.


abxylute is becoming more widely known!

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Game in the new scenes

Tired of sitting in front of a PC?

You may stay on the sofa with a cozy blanket, or take out your abxylute from the pocket while waiting in a cafe or anywhere with Wi-Fi.

abxylute story

Handheld console is the best.

Designed and developed by a group of gamers, we share the passion to revolutionize the way gamers play.

At abxylute, we believe that cloud gaming is the future, and a handheld console is the best carrier to fit for your play-style and maximize your experience.

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