A more appealing handheld if you want to focus on game streaming.


abxylute One Streaming Handheld

The abxylute handheld brings you the best displaypro-grade controls and gaming flexibility.

With affordable pricing and sturdy build, abxylute extends your gameplay seamlessly from remote play and cloud gaming.

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abxylute S9 Mobile Controller

Transform your phone, Transform your game

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At abxylute, gaming isn't just a hobby, it's our passion. We deliver profound gaming solutions that alter the way people engaged with video games. As gamers ourselves, we understand the frustration of constantly upgrading hardware and spending a fortune just to keep up with the latest titles.

That's why we decided to create a handheld console that offers the ultimate gaming experience without the high cost. After nearly 8 months of hard work, abxylute is here!

What Our Customers Say


Daniel W

For the price is one the best gaming handhelds I came across. This things handles everything from gamepass, PS5 remote play, to even some great quality emulation. Definitely be looking forward to future models , and highly recommend getting this....oh and the display is even better in person!!



Looks like I'm the first to drop a review! Got my hands on abxylute last weekend, originally I got it for XGPU gaming. But trying out PS5 remote play was a dope surprise too! The console's lightweight but feels solid, and the screen is hella clear with some fine details and vibrant colors. Honestly, it's even better than what I see on my TV from a distance. Good work team! Gonna put in more hours and try out different games before I come back with a follow-up review.


Michael M

Works exactly as described happy with this streaming handheld


Patrick B

This is the best remote play and cloud gaming experience I've ever had. I've been an early adopter of both, from Onlive and the early days of remote play on PSP to the Vita and Gamepass. This is the perfect way to play your games away from your TV and away from your console or PC. I absolutely love abxylute.


Carinne D

I’m so happy With This little streaming handheld console. It works well with the Xbox game cloud. I only have a basic adsl connection but it is fairly stable. I have to see if it’s compatible with ps4 ps plus games remote play. But so far all the games I have played using the Xbox game pass cloud gaming have been working. Love it 🥰 thank you


Handheld Gaming

My standout handheld recommendation of 2023!


Cedric V

Perfect for PlayStation 5 and Pc , i have to try with other , but with moonlight , every pc's game work well


Nigel R

Just received my Abxylute One Streaming Handheld for Gaming it is so slim and light and feels really good in the hand . My Son was the First in UK to get the final production model panda colour I have been so jealous but now my black one has arrived and I’m nearly all set up with my Streaming apps we can play Multiplayer. It’s a must if you’re looking for a cost effective handheld that is light.



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