A more appealing handheld if you want to focus on game streaming.

Dedicated Streaming Handheld

The abxylute handheld brings you the best displaypro-grade controls and gaming flexibility.

With affordable pricing and sturdy build, abxylute extends your gameplay seamlessly from remote play and cloud gaming.

Remote Play

Free from Your PC /Consoles

With abxylute, you get your PC, Xbox, or Playstation games straight to your palm. Pick up and play your favorite titles any time.

abxylute is compatible to the common remote play softwares such as Steam Link, Moonlight, PS Remote Play, Chiaki, XBXPlay, etc. With easy setup, you can stream from various platforms.

Dive into 'Me Time' Anywhere

No more waiting for the TV to free up, no more marathon sessions tied to a desktop screen. With abxylute, your personal time transforms into an exclusive gaming haven.

Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, abxylute empowers you to game whenever and wherever you desire.

Form and Function, Perfected.