Seamless experience

GAME on the finest screen

Get lost in your games with a 7-inch LTPS 1080P screen. abxylute cloud console delivers smooth gameplay at 1080p with stunning graphics details maxed out on its 16:9 7-inch screen, bringing the unmatched visual presentation.

GAME with the stable 60 FPS

Never worry about the configuration for the AAA titles. abxylute runs the most demanding titles easily and is more than capable of delivering a solid 60 fps experience.

GAME better, faster, stronger

Unleash your gaming potential with a precision-engineered console.

 From button layout to d-pad, the controller was crafted to comfortably fit gamers' habits. abxylute adopts the trending news parts such as hall sensor trigger/joysticks to avoid drifts and best, and the gyro for better FPS/racing games.

  • Hall effect joystick

    • Enjoy a more precise, sensitive, durable, and reliable gaming experience!
  • Hall effect trigger

    • Our Hall effect trigger uses advanced technology to provide you with smooth and responsive game control, while also having a longer lifespan and higher reliability.

2T2R MU-MIMO Wi-fi

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with our 2T2R MU-MIMO Wi-Fi technology, ensuring smooth and stable connectivity with no signal dead zones. Stay connected and experience your favorite games with ease.

Light and quiet

At only 430g, abxylute fits your palms perfectly with its console shape and reduces the fatigue of your fingers for a long playtime.

In addition, it boasts a remarkably quiet operation and minimal heat dissipation, ensuring a comfortable gaming experience every time.

GAME for extended hours


abxylute comes with an epic battery life to get you through an impressive 8+ hour gameplay with your favourite titles.


  • Better grip, smoother gameplay! The back of the surface is designed with anti-slip texture, allowing your fingers to exert force easily without losing control!

  • No more obstruction! The ABXY buttons and the right joystick are designed to be staggered, allowing your fingers to move freely and enjoy the game world!

  • More comfortable gaming experience! The surface design ensures the screen faces towards you when placed on the table, and the trigger buttons no longer get stuck on the surface, allowing you to fully enjoy the game!