Xbox Cloud Gaming

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is a cloud gaming service provided by Microsoft. By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can enjoy games available on this service without needing to purchase them individually. This means you can instantly play popular games, including AAA titles, without the need for expensive gaming hardware. 

  • To get started, locate the "Xbox Cloud Gaming" app on your Abxylute device and sign in or register for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Follow these steps: 
    • Locate the "Xbox Cloud Gaming" app in the app list on your Abxylute device. 
    • The first time you launch Xbox Cloud Gaming on your device, the system will prompt you to sign in using your Microsoft account. If you don't have an Xbox profile, the system will guide you through creating one. 
    • Browse and select from hundreds of games available on Xbox Cloud Gaming. 
    • Join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which you can subscribe to or cancel as needed. 
    • Choose a game and start your cloud gaming journey. 
    • When prompted, simply move the joystick or press buttons on your Abxylute to let the system recognize your gamepad controls. 
    • Enjoy instant loading and start playing! 

GeForce Now

  • GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service developed by Nvidia, allowing you to stream games directly to your abxylute device. In addition to offering a selection of free games, GeForce Now provides options to connect your Steam, Epic or Ubisoft accounts. This means you can access and play games you already own, as long as they are compatible with cloud gaming.

  • To get started with GeForce Now, follow these steps: 
    • Find the "GeForce Now" app in the app list on your abxylute device. 
    • Sign in or create a Nvidia GeForce Now account. 
    • Connect your Steam or EA account to access your existing game library. 
    • Select the game you want to play and enjoy the gaming experience through cloud streaming.
    • Alternatively, you can browse the GeForce Now interface, purchase and play games from Steam that are compatible with GeForce Now. This is especially useful for users whose devices may not meet the requirements for running games, such as Mac users or owners of older computers.