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Snap, Stretch and Play

More games, less hassle. Enjoy console-grade gaming on your phone with precise controls, haptic feedback, and gyro support—feels like a real handheld, no touchscreen required.

Unlock New Capabilities

Explore the standout features that elevate the abxylute ASAP above the competition in mobile controllers.

Personalize Your Play

Each controller comes with 2 interchangeable D-pads and 2 joystick caps to perfectly fit your unique gaming preferences.

What's more, the faceplate is also replaceable with styles.

Enhanced Gaming Software for iOS & Android

Dive into a curated library of compatible games with our Plug & Play activation.

Customize your control settings for perfect precision, or jump straight into the action with pre-set profiles for popular games.

Feel Real Vibration

Equipped with built-in motors, feel real game rumble instead of your phone's. Customize the intensity (0%-40%-70%-100%) through our software.

Racing, FPS, and action games come alive like never before.

Play with Your Case On

No need to remove your phone case—our extended Type-C connector ensures you can plug in and play instantly, no extra steps needed.

Maximum Compatibility

Stretching up to 197mm, our device comfortably fits most smartphones and even your tablet like iPad mini, ensuring wide compatibility for all your gaming needs.

Under $60 for early birds

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