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abxylute handheld - abxyluteabxylute handheld - abxylute
abxylute handheld
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2 colors available

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abxylute Handheld 64G Bundle - abxyluteabxylute Handheld 64G Bundle - abxylute
abxylute Handheld 64G Bundle
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abxylute Handheld Grip - abxyluteabxylute Handheld Grip - abxylute
abxylute Handheld Grip
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1 color available

abxylute Original Joystick Caps - Pack of 6 - abxylute
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abxylute S9 Mobile Controllerabxylute S9 Mobile Controller
abxylute S9 Mobile Controller
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Cat claw thumb grips - abxylute
Cat claw thumb grips
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Charging dock - abxylute
Charging dock
Sale price$11.92 USD Regular price$14.90 USD
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Custom 900D Grade Nylon Case , with Back Mesh Pocket [Half-year warranty, free exchange] - abxyluteCustom 900D Grade Nylon Case , with Back Mesh Pocket [Half-year warranty, free exchange] - abxylute
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Glass Tempered screen protector - abxyluteGlass Tempered screen protector - abxylute
Glass Tempered screen protector
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Hall Effect Joystick Assembly (cap not included) - abxylute
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Hobo Minimalist Bag - abxyluteHobo Minimalist Bag - abxylute
Hobo Minimalist Bag
Sale price$59.00 USD Regular price$99.00 USD
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MicroSD card - abxylute
MicroSD card
Sale price$21.99 USD Regular price$29.99 USD
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Thumb grips - abxylute
Thumb grips
Sale price$7.79 USD Regular price$12.99 USD
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USB Type-C Charging Cable - abxylute
USB Type-C Charging Cable
Sale price$6.99 USD Regular price$9.99 USD
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